3 Easy Habits That Will Energize Your Life

2017 is off to a kicking start for me with the indoor cycling studio coming together beautifully and moving into my new apartment. I also have been trying so many new gyms and workouts that I feel stronger than ever, and I am cycling a ton which always lifts my mood. Being busy and active is wonderful but of course it has it's downfalls.

A major downfalls is I usually get mega exhausted around 3pm, which is not ideal if I am planning to workout around 4pm. I have always struggled with 'that 2:30 feeling' and find myself reaching for an extra cup of coffee or dark chocolate or something to keep me awake throughout the afternoon. It's a constant struggle.

One product line I have found that has helped me a TON is Viance Nutrition. They sell superfood powders, meal replacement shakes, protein bars, brownie bites, and all kinds of goodies that are super healthy, non-GMO, organic, all the good stuff.  Lately I've been drinking a protein smoothie in the morning (recipe video will be in the next post) and that has been a lifesaver to save me time and keep me full and energized throughout the morning. Nothing will replace good sleep, but Viance definitely helps.



SO after all this experimenting and research I have a list of 3 easy habits that will energize your life and get you out of that 2:30 slump.

1 - REST

Rest. This doesn't just mean sleep, although that's a major component. Rest means you are not moving, your brain is relaxing, and you are slowing down and taking a moment to yourself. I have to have these moments throughout the day where I stop moving and just breathe, and it's helped me recenter and stay energized for what's next in my day.


Lunch is the meal you eat right before that 2:30 feeling right? Well then how big of an impact do you think that has on your afternoon? HUGE! Lunch should be a balanced meal, not a time where you gorge yourself until you can't breathe. Lunch is also a bad time to carb up unless you are going to be moving within the next few hours, so keep it carb light if you will be sitting in an office chair for 4 more hours. Try a salad or a smoothie (again, check out Viance for delish meal replacement shakes).


Regular exercise has been shown to increase your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, boost self esteem, and improve sleep. Exercise is like the magic pill to life. Seriously read the side effects and tell me that doesn't sound like exactly what you need to stay energized throughout your day?? I recommend indoor cycling because I'm obsessed, but you should figure out the workout you are obsessed with and totally dive into it. It doesn't even have to be big. Set your alarm a little earlier and run 1/2 a mile. Small is better than nothing!


So that's it! 3 easy habits that will seriously energize your life. Find time to rest, eat a healthy lunch, and get moving. It's not as hard as it might sound, and starting small is better than not starting at all. And don't forget to try Viance meal replacement shake (the chocolate flavor is so good!).