My Favorite Pre-workout Snacks

The Problem

A few months back I noticed I would get to the gym and just a 5 minute warm up would make me totally exhausted. I researched how to fix this common problem and found an easy and delicious solution: eating a small snack before you exercise!

The Solution

I dug around and found out the keys to a good pre-workout snack are:

  • keep it small (200-300 calories)
  • eat it 30-60 minutes before
  • make sure it has mostly carbs and protein

The carbs will keep your energy levels up and allow you to fully exert yourself and see the best results in the gym, while the protein will rebuild your muscles during and after your workout. You will also avoid falling asleep on the elliptical.

My favorite pre-workout snacks are plant-based and will leave me feeling energized and ready to kick butt in my workout.  Download ALL of these snacks and their recipes by subscribing to my newsletter below.