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What to do when you aren't seeing results

What to do when you aren't seeing results

It can be so frustrating to put your time in the gym, watch your food intake, and still not see the results you wanted. TBH that might be how I'm feeling right now after these two weeks of a new heavy lifting routine. I don't notice a crazy difference in my body and I've started wondering if the gym is actually doing anything for me.  

It turns out a ton of women feel this way about their diet and fitness routines, and it is probably the #1 reason people throw in the towel and go back to their old, unhealthy ways. And I get it! Why bother putting in so much effort if it won't do crap? But I know deep down that healthy food and exercise is does the body good even if I can't see it.

If you are at this point of frustration - I got you. The thing you need to do when you aren't seeing results is simple.  Get comfortable, grab some tea, and clear your head cause there is one thing you need to do in this situation: ask yourself some questions.

Specifically, ask yourself the questions below.

1. Has it been enough time to see results?

I start getting annoyed two weeks into things, which is ridiculous because it is NOT enough time for anyones body to significantly change.  It takes your body a long time to build lean muscle, a long time to burn enough fat for the eye to notice, and a long time for your eating to reflect itself in your daily life. Make sure you are giving your body enough time to really feel the effects. 12 weeks is a good amount of time as a rule of thumb.

2. Is your diet as healthy as you think? 

Are you sure you are actually eating healthy? Have you tried tracking your calories and macros?  I personally avoid doing this because it makes me insane, but if you are thinking tracking might help you stay accountable in the kitchen- go for it! MyFitnessPal is an amazing App for food tracking, and you can sync it to your FitBit if you so desire.  But be careful, I wrote an article about why that might be an inaccurate way to know your caloric needs.

3. Are you getting enough sleep? 

Sleep is SOOOO important for not just our bodies, but our minds!  You need to get adequate rest to make sure your body is in prime condition to be doing what you want it to. Your mind needs to be rested and strong to eat healthy and get a good workout in. 8 hours is a good goal, but you know what works for you. Try getting more sleep the next few days and see how your body responds.

4. Is your new routine really different from your normal routine? 

Were you already running 5 miles a day for a few months, but now it isn't slimming you down the way it once did?  This is the much hated plateau that happens when your body has adjusted to your routine.  If you aren't doing something different than before, don't expect your body to either.

5. Check the numbers! Not all change is visible. Your body fat could be lower but you can't see it yet. 

Get your body fat tested before you start a new routine.  Then when you are at a point of frustration, check the numbers and see if anything has changed.  Chances are your hard work IS paying off, it's just not visible yet.

6. Are you only focusing on physical change? 

Sometimes your lifestyle changes have a stronger effect on your mental health than anywhere else (at least at first).  For example, the 5 mile runner previously mentioned might not be seeing crazy physical differences, but maybe she feels less stressed and sleeps better at night.  So ask yourself: does a healthy lifestyle leave you feeling more confident in your own skin?  Not all positive effects of a healthy lifestyle can be found in your reflection. Maybe the change is happening in your mind.


Now that you have these six questions hopefully you can figure out what is causing your frustration and get to the root of it.  My final tip: Believe in yourself and the results will come!

I created this handy info-graphic for you to Pin or print out as a reminder of what questions to ask yourself when you are in this situation in the future.

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