Sup. I'm Bri.

I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, gym addict, vegan, and nature lover.

This site is where I post my fitness journey and share tips I've learned along the way.  

I also post vegan recipes when I create something that makes my mouth happy.

This one thing is stopping you from living a healthier lifestyle...

This one thing is stopping you from living a healthier lifestyle...

Excuse the click-baity title, but this topic is super close to my heart so I hope I caught your attention.

Are you trying SUPER hard to get fit, but just can't seem to commit to your gym sessions? Are you going to the gym for a few days and giving up on yourself from a lack of results? Well, I'm going to tell you the one secret to finally achieving your dream body.


This probably isn't the answer you want.  You thought I was going to push some slimming body wraps on you or try to sell you some kind of fitness tea?  Excuse my french but HEEEEELL NO.  I'm not about those lies.

Here's the deal: Your relationship with your body is the most IMPORTANT part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Your motivations for your lifestyle need to come from a place of self love, not self hate. No matter what you look like, if you do not love your body and accept it for what it is right now, you will NEVER love it and accept it.  It's not like your reflection changes slightly and suddenly your inner voice says 'Oh now you can love yourself because you finally lost that pooch'. If you are shaming your body right now, you will shame your body in the future.  That negative voice feeds on itself and will only get more powerful over time.

So how do you get your dream body?  Accept your body right now for what it is.  No matter where you are in your journey, the body you are in now is the body you will be in forever.  It's not going to become a new body when you lose 5 pounds. Still same body. So love it to the moon.

Once you accept your body, your journey to a healthier lifestyle can come from a place of love. You can say 'I'm going to the gym because it makes me feel strong and gives me confidence' rather than 'I'm going to the gym because I need to punish myself for eating bad this weekend'.

Then going to the gym becomes easier because it is a reward for your body, not a punishment. 

Then it becomes a habit because it makes you feel so good.

Then it becomes a lifestyle.

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