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How to finish Kayla Itsine's BBG

How to finish Kayla Itsine's BBG

I have heard a lot of girls on Instagram saying they are having a tough time completing Kayla’s BBG Guide #1 and let me tell you - you are not alone!

I owned the guide for almost a year before I even came close to completing the full 12 weeks. There were a lot of false starts before I actually committed to the 12 weeks and finished it.

So since I know the struggle I figured I would get a list together of tips and tricks I used to complete the guides.  I hope these help you like they did me!

7 Tips to finishing Kayla Itsine's BBG

1. Do it with a friend who can hold you accountable.

My sister and I had both failed at completing the program a few times, so we decided to start together and hold each other accountable. We were cities away from each other so we started a Google Doc that we each needed to update when we completed a workout so we could make sure we were both keeping up.

2. Create a calendar and set your workout times in advance. 

Preparation is the key to achieving any goal, so make sure you can set time away for your workouts in advance that way you don’t ‘accidentally’ miss one.

3. Start an Instagram account for your BBG journey!

This is a fun one.  There are SOOOOO many other girls on Instagram sharing their BBG progress and struggles, it’s a real community!  You can start finding people by checking out my profile and looking at my followers / who I follow.  Most are BBG-ers, some are booty inspiration (don’t judge). Use your Instagram as a way to connect with the community and share your progress.  It’s a very loving and accepting community so don’t worry if you don’t have your dream body yet.  Everyone will cheer you on and make you feel amazing along the way.

4. If you are working out in the morning, set your gym clothes out the night before and put your alarm next to them (and far away from your bed).

Maybe even throw an inspiring picture on top so when you wake up in the morning you are reminded why you started this in the first place.

5. If you are working out after work make sure you eat a snack 2 hours before (like an apple) so you aren’t starving for dinner when you start your workout.


6. Make sure the last 4 weeks you have a fairly open calendar.

By the time you get to week 8 it will be like clockwork to get to the gym and do your thing, but then you have another day added to your HIIT training!  It’s important to look ahead in your calendar and make sure that when you start you will have even more time to dedicate to your workouts for the last month of the program.


7. MY FAVORITE TIP - Make a bet on yourself finishing it!

What is more motivating than money? My sister and I had an ongoing bet where if one of us missed a workout we would have to pay the other person $100 dollars.  That’s a LOT of money to lose for maybe a few more hours of sleep, and honestly it gave me the external motivation I needed to really commit to this.

 We never needed to pay one another because we both finished all of the workouts and celebrated with a huge sushi dinner. 

Does anyone have any other tips they recommend to the girls having a hard time completing the guide?  Comment below!

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